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      on  June 20, 2007  at  6:55 PM

      Connie Lindsey
      Teaching experience: I have taught English and Journalism (Newspaper), grades 7-12, for 26 years. I started working at Region XV ESC June 1 as an Education Specialist in Instructional Technology.
      Leadership Roles: I was English department chair at my high school for four years, and I have been the Technology Liaison for Pearl of the Concho Writing Project at Angelo State for three years.
      Comfort Level: I am very comfortable with technology. I have taken the TTCC and TATC online classes through Region 10 ESC, and I used Blackboard as a graduate student. I created an independent website in 2004 (, and I have hosted a classroom discussion board on that website for three years.
      Frequency of classroom use: I use technology daily, and my students’ use varies. Two years ago I had almost exclusive access to a COW (mobile lab), and students used the laptops several days a week all year. This past year I taught at a school that had one stationary lab for all teachers to use, and student use declined as a result.
      Access: I have a personal laptop and desktop and DSL Internet at home. I have email at work and several personal e-mail addresses.
      on  June 22, 2007  at  11:40 PM

      Oscar (O.G.) Garcia
      Currently teaching 8Th grade science in San Diego, Texas; part of ESC region II. Have 17 years of educational experience. Have been both in the classroom and an adiministrator; having just recently returned back to the classroom.
      Presently chair the science department; member of our site base team; and have presented at the state TCEA conference.
      Feel very comfortable with technology and its place in the classroom and curriculum. All middle school students and faculty in San Diego ISD, have a laptop. I enjoy creating lessons , assignments and pulling as many different technological resources together to get our students to be active learners.
      Looking forward to next weeks class.
      on  June 25, 2007  at  1:15 AM

      Hello, I'm Jacquelin Hyman from Region 13!
      I worked for Motorola for over a decade bringing adult education, curriculum design and development, training, career development, human resources, management consultation, quality systems and process engineering to those in this world of high-technology and data. Starting in 2000, I began in education and tend to gravitate toward roles in which I provide data and technology help to those in this world of education.
      I've taught in PPCD, Special Education, ESL, and Computer Technology programs at the primary level and then moved to the District Admin. office to serve as the director of Technology and Data. After just a few short months of that, I then had to fill in as interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and also served as the District Test Coordinator, AVID Director, Instructional Technology Director, Special Programs, and all the other many roles that a Asst. Sup. has to do in a small district.
      A few months ago, I advanced to ESC Region XIII as an Education Specialist: Assessment and Program Analyst and yearn to bring Instructional Technology resources to those in our region.
      Teaching Experience:
      - Over 20 years - Educating and Training Adults
      - 6 years - Educating Children (PPCD/Pre-K - 2nd)
      Technology Experience and Comfort Level:
      I am extremely comfortable with technology: from software programming and microprocessor design and manufacturing to helping others (adults and children) learn to integrate technology and develop computer and technology skills.
      I'm excited to be here and for the opportunity to participate in such a successful and effective technology integration curriculum.
      on  June 25, 2007  at  1:34 AM

      Hello, I'm Gary Strickland from region 15.
      I have been teaching 8th grade science for the past five years. This coming year I will have both 6th and 8th grade science classes.
      I have five years of teaching experience.
      I am considered the chair of the department (there are only two of us in middle school)!
      With another teacher on my campus, I have been a leader in bringing technology to the classroom in our school. I worked in a TARGET grant for three years, and I have been involved with the TIP grant since the beginning. We were a control school and will be immersed in this coming school year.
      I am quite comfortable with the technology that I use daily. I have a laptop that travels everywhere I go, a Promethian white board that I cannot live without, mounted projector, document camera, digital camera, calculator based probe equipment, and a scanner.
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