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Welcome to the Blog Site for Our Intel® Teach Essentials Course!

We will use this blog site to journal our experiences in each Module and share ideas. Use this home page to:

Our Classroom BlogPortal consists of two layers. This is the first layer. On our homepage Master Teachers will find other Master Teacher entries as well as news and assignments from the Senior Trainier.

The second layer consists of all the individual blogs of Master Teachers. This could be a photoblog designed for sharing photographs, or a traditional blog.

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Blogging Your Journey (Module 4)

Now that you are halfway through the course, think about how the unit you are developing is answering the course's Essential Question:

How can technology be used most effectively to support and assess student learning?


For Module 4, reflect on the focus of this Module. 

  • How can the creation of a student sample help you clarify unit expectations and improve your instructional design?
  • How can you ensure students will achieve the learning objectives when creating their student projects?

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